“By relating his discussion to “mainstream” ethics, action theory and moral philosophy, Williston provides an excellent bridge for philosophers, from the familiar literature of their discipline to the facts about climate change. For environmentalists and others with little experience in philosophy, the book bears powerful witness to the relevance of our discipline…I recommend this book strongly to all those who want to see how some traditional philosophical notions can be extended in our struggle to cope with climate change.”

-Dale Jamieson, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

“Williston presents a novel and compelling thesis which builds on research across many disciplines and provides a refreshing insight into some less prominent areas of debate. Through accessible terminology and a logical and well-presented series of arguments, the book is an excellent addition to the climate change literature and is open to a wide audience.”

Ewan J. Woodley,  Environmental Values

“Williston’s book is unique amongst environmental ethics textbooks in that it both is comprehensive in scope and explicitly addresses environmental issues-from theory to practice-that are of pressing concern to Canadians.”

-Ingrid Leman Stefanovic, Dean, Faculty of Environment, Simon Fraser University